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I have been working for myself as a Virtual Assistant for 3 years, and now I can safely say it was the best move I made.

I say “now”, because there were a few times, when I thought this isn’t going to work. In the first year I was struggling to get clients, but I started off with one and now I have 5 regular clients, and 5 clients that pass me work when they need my help. My clients vary, from Wedding Planners, to Committees, to Finance, and Advertising, and most importantly I am making money!!!

It’s still not all plain sailing and worry free, it’s not like being employed and you have colleagues there to bounce your ideas off of and a steady wage coming in. I also stress when I have to work out my costs, and then putting up my costs for clients (I have always hated asking for money) and trying to do my tax return.

What I love about working for myself is the freedom it has given me, not just with my time, but how I work, I can work with my feet up with no makeup on and the radio on, try doing that in an office!!!!


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