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My Top Tips for Working From Home

As a Virtual Assistant working from home is something I have been doing for the last 4 years, and I work as if I go to work, so I get up, I have my shower, get dressed and start working, the bit that is missing is that I don’t have the commute, which is always the worse bit of going to work.

Here are my Top Tips for those of you working from home for the first time during this pandemic.


Keep Your Regular Working Hours

Get up and go to work, and keep the hours that you would normally do if you were going to work, if this is a struggle with interruptions from children or spouses, use a timer, so you can keep track of what you have done, a great tool I use for this is .


Have a Routine

Think about what you need to accomplish, and the time you have and work out a schedule to complete the tasks you need to do.  I like to this the evening before the next day, so I have my schedule ready for me to start the next day.


Set up a Work Space

Now this is not always easy, I have an office space set up in my spare room, but I find myself normally sat on the couch with the radio on and working from there, it’s just how a like to work and with nobody to disturb me this is fine for me, but if you have children you may find that you need that space, so if you can use another room, but if you don’t have a spare room to use, try sitting at the dining room table.  Honestly though it is up to you, find where works best for you to get the work done that you need to.


Have a Break

If you were at work in the office you would still have a break, make sure you have your mid-morning, lunch time and afternoon breaks.  Usually on my breaks I will put the washing on, have a chat with a friend, or just take in a breath of fresh air.



It is important during this isolation period to keep contact with your colleagues and clients, whether it’s by chat, on the phone or email.  I have just attended a Virtual Coffee morning using with some of my clients, it was great to share the issues we are facing and the positive steps we are taking.


Be Positive

With everything going on around us, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with it all, but we will be ok we have plans in place, think of how you can use the spare time you have, all those little jobs at home that you have been putting off, or why not learn a new skill


If you are struggling please don’t hesitate get in contact, I may just be able to help you.

Stay Safe

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