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Virtual Assistant Editing and Formatting Documents

When writing, whatever it is that you are writing, whether it’s a report, an article or a letter to a client, the format and editing of a document is an important part of the whole process.

Editing denotes to the content (what is being said) and flow (how it is being said) of the writing.

Formatting refers to the visual appearance of the text, this includes things like font style and size, bolds, italics, margins, etc.

Some writers can write on the most difficult of subjects, but can find it very difficult to edit another person’s work. Editing is a special talent that will take into consideration the basic rules of grammar and spelling, the content, the purpose of the written work, and the flow and tone of the piece.

There are few things more frustrating when you ask an inhouse assistant to check over a document you have written, too often, that document comes back in a mess, and you will have to spend time cleaning it up. That means your team is spending its time mucking around with a document, and not spending time getting on with the job at hand. This is where it can be useful to bring in someone from outside your business to check the document. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to check your document saves your untrained staff trying to do it for you, and gives you someone with a fresh pair of eyes to ensure your content flows correctly, your grammar is in good order and your document looks perfect for its final delivery.

Have you ever handed over that report and then noticed a typo in the first paragraph? Or, worse still, how about when you’re half way through re-reading it and instead of what should have been an image is strange coding, or maybe the image is there, but it appears blurry or the wrong size? How about missing bullet points from the list and pages of unsupported characters? Perhaps the most commonly seen error is one whole chunk of text with different alignment and line breaks.

Editing and formatting is something that can be cumbersome and if you are not sure what you are doing you can end up having to start all over again.

What kind of impression does that leave?

Using a Virtual Assistant, to edit and format your document, saves your staff time, cost is minimal to that of using in-house staff and the Virtual Assistant is just concentrating on your work.

It comes down to that key old saying “First Impressions Last”.

For more information and to find out more about how a virtual assistant can assist you with you with editing and formatting, please Click Here

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