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Why joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a great idea

I have now reach my 4 year work anniversary, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already that went by so quickly.

When I decided to become a Virtual Assistant I did my research first and one of things I read was that it was recommended to join your local Chamber of Commerce, so I did and to date it is the best business decision I made.

As it happened when I joined, a friend who I use to work with was the Chief Executive Officer for Jersey Chamber, and when I applied to join she invited me in to meet her and discuss my business, and then said that Chamber are looking for someone to help with taking the minutes of their committee meetings and asked if I could do, and of course I said yes, I had been taking minutes of meetings for years, and there it was Jersey Chamber of Commerce became my third client.

On joining they ask members to write a short bio for your business and that goes on their website and they promote you in their monthly magazine, and you are listed on their website all for a small annual membership fee.

Other membership benefits include:-


Chamber works with its members and with local businesses and organisations to offer exclusive discounts to members on a range of services. e.g. health schemes, H.R. services, training programmes, consultancy services, etc.


Chamber provides an extensive range of sponsorship and promotional opportunities, which enables organisations to promote their own business activities to an extensive network across the Island.


Chamber hosts a wide-ranging programme of topical and popular events throughout the year. The principal monthly event is the Chamber Lunch. These lunches are always supported by a high profile guest speaker, talking on a matter of interest or of particular relevance to members.


Chamber also holds a series of periodic Critical Briefings. These briefings are designed and organised relating to current matters of interest or relevance to the business community.


In addition, Chamber holds Seminars and Debates on key topics of interest, and these events have consistently proved to be popular with members and non-members alike.



Then I started getting the calls from other members looking for some administration assistant, and my business really started taking off.

Now I have been a member for 4 years, and we are currently in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak, and I find myself feeling proud to be a member of Chamber, they are helping businesses by liaising with Government, making sure I am ok and keeping businesses updated with advice and making plans for the future of businesses when the virus comes to an end.

So if you are thinking of setting yourself up as a Virtual Assistant, of course please do your research first, it is not for everyone, and join your local Chamber of Commerce.

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